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Personnel Risk Management

Monitoring the Emotional Well-Being using Psycholinguistic Analysis

Companies have a duty of care to their personnel to protect them from coercion and manipulation by colleagues and those outside the organisation. Access to confidential information and decision making authority have potential to make them vulnerable to such attacks, and it is even possible that they may initiate such behaviour.

Personnel vetting is normally conducted when they are hired, and refresshed annually through surveys and appraisals, but this does provide adequate visibility of their emotional state and vulnerability to manipulation.

The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) conducted extensive research into iknown insider events, and identified emotional and psychological patterns that are commonly associated with such events. Industry research indicates that such events often take years to detect, and are typically preceded by many years of loyal service.

This service provides visibility of emotional and psychological patterns on a daily basis, allowing Human Resources personnel to identify individual that may need some assistance from the company, and provides visibility of the need over time and in relation to other individuals.

Human Resources personnel can also use the service to provide independent feedback on changes in employee sentiment in response to corporate and world events, providing unique insight into the human response to critical event. 

The Personnel Risk Management Service has three components:

•    Personnel Shield software 
•    ThinkingSafe Hybrid Cloud Platform
•    Regulated company specific configuration and validation

•    Validated for GxP environments
•    Mitigate insider risks
•    Cloud Services from experts

Real-time intelligence
•    Identify users for further attention
•    Monitor user profiles over time
•    Analysis of staff relationships

Easy scalable deployment
•    Risk assessment and change control
•    Install appliances and agents
•    Configure and validate

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"ThinkingSafe are thought leaders in providing secure ICT environments. Their team and their products have been delivering innovative solutions at the leading edge of a wave of new threats. We enjoy working together with them towards mutual safety and prosperity."

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group
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