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This leading-edge product has been used to protect legacy systems for over 15 years, with regulated companies, government, and the extended supply chain all benefiting from our resilient backup and disaster recovery and scalable deployment capability. 

The software allows cloud service providers and corporate IT departments to deliver validated data protection services across national and international estates. 

This product that has been specifically designed for delivering reliable and resilient data protection services. The software manages the entire service delivery process, simplifying the implementation and validation significantly.

Our customers have the choice of implementing the software in-house or using our hybrid cloud service, which allows them to outsource the service delivery to a specialist team who can manage the whole process including service validation.

The software and hybrid cloud service can also be used to address ad-hoc requirements, where existing solutions are insufficient to satisfy regulatory requirements. It is a rapidly deployable solution that can be used to address specific audit recommendations.

The software benefits: 
•    Validated data protection services
•    Supports multiple organisations or subsidiaries securely
•    Audit controls and encryption satisfy regulators
•    Easy to implement and validate new services