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Personnel Shield

This software uses real time psycholinguistic analysis to pre-emptively identify individuals at risk of Insider behaviour before an incident occurs. Our highly secure technology exploits cutting-edge research on the psychology of insider risk, developed by Thinking Safe for the UK Ministry of Defence - working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities.

It provides visibility of behavioural indicators that are common to insider incidents, which sit outside employees’ usual patterns of behaviour. Source information remains confidential during analysis, allowing corporate oversight and governance that is proportionate to the risks and compliant with legislation, whilst not infringing upon reasonable expectations of personal privacy.

This software also supports your organisation’s human resources function in highlighting incidents of workplace bullying and harassment, stress-related illness and other negative behaviours, allowing early intervention to protect individuals and workplace relations. Personnel Shield safeguards your staff, your data and your organisation’s reputation.

Pre-emptive Insider Risk Mitigation
Most insider risk tools identify a breach or support post-incident investigation. By analysing the psycholinguistic content of electronic communications we can identify suspicious behaviour in advance of a damaging insider breach.

Reduce the Regulatory, Financial and Reputational Impact of a Data Breach
If a business fails to prevent an internal data breach then the General Data Protection Regulation could fine businesses €20m or 4% of annual turnover.

Increased Employee Productivity and Investigation Resource Cost Savings
Identify employee behavioural change and vulnerability before it impacts productivity or leads to stress-related human error. Recognise poor management trends. Better prioritise high risk employees, insider threat monitoring tools and investigation assets.

Human Resources Support
Early identification of potential leavers, absenteeism, workplace bullying and harassment, stress-related illness, or behaviours that could negatively impact quality, safety or workplace relations.