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Information Shield

Information Shield enables forensically auditable secure collaboration within and beyond the enterprise. It allows you to secure confidential information using encrypted containers, which can be shared securely and transparently both within and across organisations. It ensures and evidences regulatory compliance, dramatically reducing your risk of financial penalties for GDPR violations whilst protecting your organisation’s reputation.

Easy to Use:Integrates with Windows Explorer enabling simple use from all applications.

Fully Compatible: All versions of Windows | Linux | Mac OSX | IOS | Android.

Highly Secure: You decide where your data can be stored and accessed, we ensure it can only be decrypted by the people you authorise, on their specified devices.

Reputational Protection: Protects against accidental or malicious leakage of personal data, and dramatically reduces the potential impact of any security breach.

Assures Compliance: Enables rapid response to information requests, e-disclosure, investigations, cyber security incidents and forensic ready audit trail.

Full Audit Capability using distributed ledgers
Distributed Ledgers maintain permanent records that are practically impossible to corrupt or delete, making them ideal for compliance audit records. ThinkingSafe is one of the world leaders in applying distributed ledgers to secure records management, and the first UK technology vendor to launch a commercial ledger service for cloud service providers and corporate customers to protect and audit encrypted information.

Evidence-Based Compliance that is Forensics Ready
Forensics ready compliance provides the evidence you need to satisfy regulators, protecting your business from the financial penalties specified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the prison sentences specified in the Senior Managers Regime (SMR). It allows you to demonstrate clearly defined policies for all confidential information, with explicitly authorised access controls that are enforced through strong encryption, and records that can be easily verified by forensic investigators.

Information Encrypted In-Use, In-Transit and At-Rest
Regulatory compliance cannot be achieved using traditional access controls, which is reflected in the fines and prison sentences proposed in regulations like the GDPR and SMR. Strong encryption needs to be applied to the records for an individual, so they can only be accessed by authorised users. These controls need to be enforced everywhere the information may be stored, processed or accessed, including cloud services, data centres, corporate offices, home and mobile devices.

Secure collaboration with version controlled file systems
Users across the supply chain can share information, browsing and accessing information like any other file system, but with the added benefit of complete version history, and forensic ready audit capability including who, what, where, when and how the information was modified or accessed. Simply specify a data controller to manage each encrypted container, who can invite any user with a genuine “need to know” to read and optionally share or update the information, using access credentials that are locked into the users specific devices for extra security. Information Shield makes electronic collaboration between users throughout the supply chain both simple and highly secure, making it easier for business users to share information under corporate oversight.

What Our Clients Say...

ThinkingSafe are thought leaders in providing secure ICT environments. Their team and their products have been delivering innovative solutions at the leading edge of a wave of new threats. We enjoy working together with them towards mutual safety and prosperity.

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen Group
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