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About UsĀ 

Simplify regulatory compliance with agile, cost effective solutions

We offer established security products and services for regulated companies that want to protect what matters most - users, data and the interactions between them. 

Founded in 1997, our solutions are rooted in advanced science, patented technology and validated cloud services.  

ThinkingSafe is a UK centre of excellence for Validated Data Protection Services, deploying products and services to help regulated companies and government client implement industry best practice for compliant solution. Founded in 1997, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and knowledgeable partner, with an advanced scientific approach to providing validated data protection.

Our approach has defined and refined our solutions, and through scientific research, patented technology, validated cloud services and strategic partners we deliver leading edge data protection solutions. 

We work with regulated companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, insurance, finance, and legal sectors, plus government and public sector clients, also work within their extended supply chains.   

Facts and promises:

•    We have over 15 years proven data protection experience 
•    We are an established Hybrid Cloud Service provider and technology vendor 
•    We are also a government approved cyber security supplier 
•    Our promise is to provide cost-effective Validated Data Protection Services 
•    Certified to ISO27001, ISO9001, using GAMP5 for GxP compliant solutions 
•    Our services support with EU GDPR & ePrivacy compliance for PII & SPII 
•    Our customers specify their required data location and legal jurisdiction 

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