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ThinkingSafe is a UK Cyber Security Technology Vendor and Managed Service Provider, specialising in cost-effective
Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance solutions.

Founded in 1997, we are committed to improving collaboration between humans and machines in ways that
fundamentally reduce our customers’ risk of exposure to cyber-crime.

ThinkingSafe is certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management, ISO 9001 Quality Management and is an
Approved Cyber Security Supplier to the UK Government.

Our approach puts people at the heart of cyber security, by enabling users to communicate their security requirements more effectively. We automate the implementation using advanced cyber security solutions, so business users can manage security effectively across all of their collaborations.

The company is comprised of six multi-disciplinary teams:

Our customers benefit from this unique combination cyber security capabilities and experience, which allows them to defend effectively against sophisticated threats, including those that may be sponsored by organised crime or even foreign governments, without compromising the way they run their core business.

Our multidisciplinary approach to research combines our in-house expertise with the extensive capabilities of our partners, consisting of world experts, academia and commercial organisations. Our research approach redefines the issues faced by current technologies, resulting in solutions based on an enhanced understanding of complex situations. Our secure cloud products and services developed from this research offer a simple yet powerful user interface and experience, whilst providing fundamental improvements in cyber-security, costs, massive scalability, flexibility and inter-operability.

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